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    1. 1887

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      • études économiques de l’OCDE : Union européenne 2021

        La pandémie de COVID-19 a plongé l’Union européenne dans la pire récession de son histoire et risque d’accro?tre les inégalités, notamment entre les régions. Grace à des mesures de riposte audacieuses et innovantes des pouvoirs publics, notamment à...

      • OECD Economic Surveys: Euro Area 2021

        The COVID-19 pandemic forced most euro area economies into repeated lockdowns in 2020 and early 2021 that lead the euro area into its deepest recession on record. The policy reaction to the crisis was large and rapid. It included, among others,...

      • OECD Economic Surveys: European Union 2021

        The COVID-19 pandemic plunged the EU into its worst-ever recession and risks increasing inequalities, notably between regions. Thanks to a bold and innovative policy response, including a common instrument to finance national recovery plans (Next...

      OECD iLibrary News

      New OECD iLibrary newsletter for librarians

      August 2021 - Are you a librarian or responsible for your institution’s information needs, and want to keep up-to-date with news concerning OECD iLibrary? If so, Log in as administrator and follow the link in the Information and News section and sign up to our free newsletter. Every month you will receive details about the latest developments and features, all designed to help you, your colleagues and patrons get the best from the platform.

      OECD iLibrary offers choices to work from home and stay connected

      March 2020 - For users at subscribing institutions who work remotely from home we would like to remind you that you should have full access via the following options:

      • IP authentication including access via proxy server – once logged in to your network, you can access subscribed content on this site.
      • Username and password – a single username/password can be shared across your user community for remote access
      • Shibboleth Federated Access – if your institution uses Shibboleth authentication log in via the special Shibboleth page.

      Should you have any questions on these options, please contact your librarian or contact us.

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